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Should I buy a Health Fryer?

It’s been on my mind for a while that I should start to cook and eat more healthy nutrient dense food.
Ever since I watched documentary food films like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Forks Over Knives, I’ve had a niggling thought to sort my diet and lifestyle out.
Now understand this, I’m not overweight nor underweight, in fact, I’m about the right body weight for a man of my height.
However, there’s something hidden I need to address: hidden fat.

Visceral fat (what is visceral fat?) is the danger here, and it surrounds the inner organs.

I’ve not had any scans to confirm my visceral fat levels, but from what I’ve seen on documentaries and the food I eat, it’s highly likely I have higher than normal levels of visceral fat in my body. Michael Mosley, the BBC presenter also filmed a programme about the dangers of visceral fat.

So what to do?

Well, the first thing I have decided to address is my diet. I eat a lot of ready made meals. Full of preservatives, saturated fat and not ideal.

If I learned something from watching those health documentaries, it was eating healthy is easy…but it takes preparation and planning to do it well. I need to make sure I have healthy food options in stock at all times, to avoid the inevitable moment of weakness when I use an empty vegetable rack as the reason to have a takeaway!

Speaking to my friend Brian and his wife about my diet, they recommended I get a health fryer, also known as air fryers. These cooking appliances use minimal cooking fat but use high temperatures to cook the food. The idea being you can still enjoy fried food, but with far less fat involved and therefore fewer calories.

Sounds good to me!

So I’ve been looking at various health fryer models and found a couple which looks OK.

The site I found has reviewed around a dozen fryers, and it’s a useful resource in deciding which model to buy: Having a family, I need to make sure the model I choose can cook for us all, not just me!
The two fryers I’ve shortlisted are the Breville Halo Plus and Tefal XL Express.


I’ll be placing my order very soon and will probably do another blog post in due course telling you how my healthy cooking lifestyle is going. From the reviews I’ve read, a common question is about cooking chips – a British staple food – but there’s much more variety to the food that can be cooked in an air fryer. As I experiment, I may even share some recipe ideas – who knows!

In addition to healthier eating, I’m going to step up my exercise regime.  I’m already fairly fit, but my exercise routine is hit and miss. There’s no excuse, other than being lazy and not focused enough- there I said it! Some friends use the services of a personal trainer and that is I have considered, but for now, I’ll set my goals and be my own accountability partner – let’s see how it goes (there’s some good mobile apps for accountability)

Fortunately, where I live, we have good running routes, nice and flat and not much traffic so I’ll be hitting the streets in the next week or so.
So that wraps up this little update. I’ll blog again soon., thanks for reading.…


Adam’s New Blog

Hello friends, colleagues and random visitors! It’s Adam here with my new blog. Given it’s 2017 and technology advances mean I can now journal my daily thoughts and happenings here on the web, I have decided to pack away my paper based diaries and journals. The massive advantage of moving to the online format is that I will have more opportunities when I can update the blog. I have my smartphone pretty much everywhere I go so expect regular updates!

What do you have in store for 2017? Personally, I’ve set a number of goals around financial, relationships and health. Just sitting down and deciding where I want to be at the end of the year was quite and encouraging exercise. I recommend it!

For those who know my family, I would like to thank everyone who contacted me about my Dad, Colin, who had a fall recently. The good news is that “Pops” is making a speedy recovery and I’ve told him to take it easy from now on – and NO DIY! (falling off step-ladders isn’t a good idea for 70+ year olds).

For those photography lovers out there, I will be publishing some great content for that too so keep an eye out for that.

For now, that’s about all, thanks for visiting and connect soon.

Adam x…